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It doesn't take long to perfect the skills needed to become a successful and in demand balloon twister in your home town! AND with the right knowledge you can quickly begin to earn 5-10X the average hourly wage in your city! That’s right, I’m not just showing you how to make a few balloon animals (which you can easily learn on youtube) I’m showing you how to twist and then turn your skills into real cash that is fun and easy to make! 

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Reasons balloon twisting is a great business:


The low cost of my program will get you going! You don't have to waste thousands on equipment and startup costs. All you have to do is twist and earn! 


Hanging around with kids and putting smiles on faces is never dull! Getting paid to have fun is just.... FUN! 


People who hire professionals with balloon twisting services usually have plenty of money and are willing to pay a premium price for the best in town.


This is a skill I can teach you in a weekend and you can twist over and over again perfecting your speed and confidence... while you are doing paying gigs.


People are always looking for balloon twisters in your city and now you will be on top and be in high demand. 


Look around... there are hundreds of plumber trucks in your city and just a handful of ballon twisters. With my help, you can be the top twister in your city in a very short time!

Bottom line...my system has been tested and it really works! 

“After receiving the whole system I will say that your course is WORTH IT!!! Great ideas and this helped me in my line of work.”

Peter Lansing - happy ballon twister

Don't worry... I'm with you every step of the way!

FIRST, you learn to twist the most popular balloon animals with my exciting balloon twisting how-to video.

SECOND, you learn my easy business system and quickly set up and promote your own business.

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I'm not feeding you a bunch of mumbo-jumbo... I'm helping you start and NOT FAIL! I show you exactly how I make 5-10 times the average hourly wage by doing something really fun.... twisting ballons! 

You already know that almost anyone can learn how to twist some cool balloon creations in a few days BUT the key is getting really fast AND getting the best paying gigs! (without making all the mistakes along the way)

On day 1, we’ll learn about balloons and twisting like a pro. 

On Day 2, we’ll learn how to set yourself up for success as the #1 local balloon twister. 

On Day 3, we’ll get into the crazy easy ways to market your new talents so you can begin making 5-10X the aveage hourly wage in your city!

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