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A Dream Job that Pays!

balloon twister makes great income

Interview with Tommy DeLorenzo, balloon sculptor By Time Business Magazine Where do you live and how old are you? I live in Chicago, IL and am 26. How did you get into balloon art? Even before I could walk, I was always fascinated with balloons. When I was about 7 years old my parents took… Read More

How Much Does A Balloon Twister Make?

Make Money Twisting Balloons

Article from Balloon Twisting, also called balloon modeling or sculpting, is a professional skill often performed at birthday parties, festivals and special events. While some party clowns and magicians can make balloon animals, balloon twisters focus specifically on the art of balloon sculpting and most charge an hourly rate for their services. Typical costs:… Read More

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When you start the Balloons for Cash program I am throwing in a new awesome book from my close friend…. He’s a marketing genius and he has a simple approach that will help you become the #1 Balloon Twister in your area!¬† The best thing about his methods are they are inexpensive or mostly free… Read More

Need Vacation Money???


So… You’re searching the internet for ways to earn money to take a vacation. You have probably seen all of the typical suggestion by now; sell your old junk on ebay, have a garage sale, go work a part-time job for minimum wage, or clean your neighbors houses. The fact is, you only have so… Read More

I Apply For Jobs, But No One Will Call Me…


I know so many people right now that are desperately looking for a job. They are willing to take whatever job they can find. Whether it be flipping burgers, mowing grass, pumping gas, or stocking shelves, they just need a job! Unfortunately, they can’t get one. For some unknown reason every place that has a… Read More