Todd and Eric doing something…. again.

Right now we know people are searching for the FWOR web site… but we took it down for now and all the awesomeness is on the YouTube Channel! We don’t need to manage a whole site just to be random on YouTube anyway.

The Fascinating World of Random is a show in which we (Eric Roberts & Todd Anderson) do reviews of independent books, movies and bands and basically whatever else we feel like while we are doing all sorts of random things. Although the content of our show is always random, you can rest assured that every episode is totally fascinating.

Our show is full of comedy, information, interaction with viewers, contests, surprises and many other random elements. We love to involve our viewers, businesses, friends, family, parents, grandparents, in-laws, out-laws and anyone else that we may have forgotten in our show. Whatever you do… Don’t miss a single episode of The Fascinating World of Random!!

Anyway… Enough about us! We want to know about you!!! Do you have a story to tell or something totally awesome to share with the world? Do you have a business, charity or project that we might want to tell our viewers about? Do you think that you would make an awesome guest on our show? 

Why are we friends?

We are still not completely sure… but this whole thing started (an undisclosed number of years ago) when we were attending junior high school. We both decided to throw our lives away and become rock/metal guitarists. By the time we were sophomores in high school, we were doing our first studio recording together. Jumping forward about X-number of years, we are still best friends. Somehow, we found ourselves in the world of book writing/publishing and information marketing. Combined, we have written well over a dozen books, and from Saudi Arabia to Japan, we have sold tons of informational/instructional materials worldwide.

After realizing that we had a knack for publishing and marketing, we opened it up to other authors and launched the 21 Book Series.  This series would forever change the way we viewed the human race! We began receiving book submissions from all over the United States. These submissions covered an extremely wide variety of intriguing topics and niches, which quickly made us realize two things about the human population: 1) People are “fascinating.” 2) People are “random.” The list of possible interests among different people just about blew our minds.

Then we started tuning pianos

Somehow we got into the most random of all trades and crafts in the world when we started tuning pianos…. But tuning pianos isn’t enough for us… we are now leading and teaching Piano Technicians around the world how to tune and start their own businesses through the Apex Piano Technicians Network.